Our Services

Line rentals for analogue, multiline and ISDN systems.

Traditional telephone line rentals. To support BT Avaya, Panasonic, Toshiba systems etc.

SIP and VoIP rentals (iPBX and on-site SIP).

For all internet based telephony.

Managed Networks (Networks with managed bandwidth/serviced offices).

Bespoke, cloud managed networks and/or internet for serviced office providers.

Mobile VoIP Licences.

Make and take calls using your office phone number, on the move.

Leased Fibre, EFM and EoFTTC.

Business grade internet services.

Call Recording, Auto Attendant and Call Queuing services.

Options menus, recording of inbound/outbound calls and queues for callers.

Non Geographic Numbers (0870, 0345, 0333 etc).

Telephone numbers with more of a national or global presence.

Reducing calling costs to international destinations.

We provide extremely competitive rates to many international destinations.

Negotiation of Gas and/or Electricity contracts with major and minor suppliers.

We take the hassle out of energy contracting.
Support tickets resolved successfully
Percent of queries responded to in 30 minutes or less during office hours

We’re very proud to have not lost one client due to our
service since we opened our doors in early 2013.