Managed Networks

Managed Networks


This is key to any business, having a backup plan when things go wrong. We have provided this backup to many business, from smaller-cost effective solutions for less than 10 employees so that when their internet has an issue, another takes over instantly. Right up to diverse routing of breakout internet availability between larger multi-site companies, utilising point-to-point connections and hardware configured by us. We are happy to discuss this with any of our clients, and understand that this is a big concern in a world where your internet/network not working, can mean that the business stops working.


We are experienced in installing networks where speed is not paramount, saving money for clients who would prefer a more cost-effective solution. However, we’re also no strangers to people who require the absolute quickest speeds for internet and network connectivity that can be implemented, future proofing their business on these projects. We have companies that we work with who can implement structured cabling and fibre back bones if required, and we can implement the hardware to match it, easily managed and at a competitive price.

Ease of Use and Management

Time is extremely valuable today, and Woods Communications are used to this particular point being a concern to all of our clients. Whether we have just installed a small network, or a large multi-site project; we will always ensure that the solution is a great fit for the clients’ needs and will be easy to manage and understand as we go through the process.

We have some clients who are landlords for serviced buildings/sites, and we take the pain out of managing their network by implementing one and billing clients directly, essentially removing this cost and management from the process, freeing them up to do what they love.


Security is always a concern in today’s world. We understand that some people may not know what to do in order to protect themselves, and we are happy to advise, and configure parts of their network to protect them as part of other services that we provide.

We also understand that some larger clients are very specific in their network requirements, and we are happy to cater to these. We have a wide variety of experience in dealing with the equipment that we provide, so are happy to make any changes to align with an organisation’s requirements.